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Burial or Cremation


There are a number of reasons why burial may be the preferred choice, one of which is that there can be a lasting family memorial for loved ones to visit.

A large number of cemeteries and churchyards are located within East Lothian, Midlothian and Edinburgh. They are either owned by the local authority or are privately owned.

You may already own a lair at a particular cemetery or churchyard, and in this instance we can make all the necessary arrangements for  burial. If a new lair is required, we can purchase this on your behalf.

You may be thinking of a woodland burial. We can arrange this for you.There are several locations in peaceful, natural surroundings available that we can discuss with you.

After the service is over, you may wish to have a lasting memorial for your loved one, this could be a new headstone or an additional inscription to an existing one, we can arrange this for you and have brochures in all our branches for you to take home or you may be looking for advice from our Monumental Advisor if you are unsure. Further to this, if you are a returning client we offer 10% discount on our monumental services.


In our local area we have the choice of three crematoriums, Mortonhall, Seafield and Warriston, each having their own particular attributes. We can provide you with all the relevant information to help you choose.

Memorials are not exclusive to burials and there are further options available to you after cremation. These include interment of the ashes in a cemetery or scattered in the crematorium garden of remembrance. Alternatively, we have a selection of memorial jewellery, caskets and keepsakes for you to choose from.